Oracle Security Expert Semináře s Petem Finniganem!

Již 29. 11. 2016 proběhnou ve Vídni speciální Oracle Security Expert Semináře s Petem Finniganem! Pokud si nechcete nechat ujít opravdového odborníka na Oracle Database Security, registrujte se včas! Semináře proběhnou v Anglickém jazyce.

pete_finnigan_oracle_security_expert_pocitacova_skola_gopas.pngPete Finnigan is a prominent security assessment expert on Oracle Databases. He is the author of the "SANS Oracle Security Step-by-step guide versions 1 and 2 - A survival guide for Oracle security", which served as a basis for the Internet Oracle Security Benchmanrk for securing Oracle Databases from intrusion. Pete is also author of the "SANS S.C.O.R.E. security checklist" for the Oracle Database.

| 29. 11. 2016
Is your organization bulletproof against data breaches and big data losses? Join us in a one day seminar that will teach you how to deal with security issues often located in PL/SQL code, created by developers without experience in database security. The course places PL/SQL into the context of the problem of securing data and looks at all common types of issues that make PL/SQL code vulnerable. The course is also an opportunity to learn about encryption, leakage of critical data, dangerous functions, use of incorrect privileges, as well as how to protect your PL/SQL code to make it harder for an attacker to steal or run code out od context.

Find out how you can reduce the risk to attack, as well as misuse and abuse of data held in yout Oracle databases through this one day seminar that teaches you how to perform simple, effective and limited by cost measures where appropriate in your databases. The class encompasses a review of why a database can be insecure, a security audit (including a free tool that you can use yourself) and an investigation of the results that help you formulate actions and demonstrations to secure a database effectively.

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