In today’s world it is often challenging to determine which products you should be using, how they work, which capabilities they offer, and how they can help you solve your business problems. It’s also difficult to find one solution that [...]
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In today’s world it is often challenging to determine which products you should be using, how they work, which capabilities they offer, and how they can help you solve your business problems. It’s also difficult to find one solution that offers you access to all the learning you need to answer your questions, perform tasks, retrieve information about what’s new, help you solve for a given problem, and clue you in on which competencies are available to you.

To resolve this, Oracle University has created this complete Oracle IT Infrastructure Learning Subscription, a collection of content to help you find Oracle product and related information all in one place.

Review over 320 learning modules developed by Oracle experts with information ranging from administering network services to learning about Oracle Database machines and securing your data. This robust offering will not only provide you with a wide-range of informative lessons, it will also make available to you dynamic searching capabilities, hands-on-labs, expert insight testimonials, access to instructors, and the ability to track your progres.

  • Administrator
  • Application administrator
  • Application developer
  • Integration developer
  • Architect
  • BI Analyst
  • Configuration consultant
  • Data center manager
  • Data integration engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Database administrator
  • Developer
  • DevOps practitioner
  • Exadata administrator
  • Linux administrator
  • Oracle Solaris administrator
  • Security administrator
  • Storage administrator
  • Support engineer
  • System administrator
  • System analyst
  • System integrator

Learn how to optimize, secure, and enhance the way your organization processes critical data to:

  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Simplify operations
  • Empower innovation
  • Have a clear path to the cloud

The IT Infrastructure Learning Subscription provides you with the content you need to plan for, configure, install and manage Oracle hardware and software seamlessly. This subscription includes training on the following Oracle product lines: servers, engineered systems, operating systems, storage, security, and virtualization.

As you go through the tabs below and preview the modules, you will uncover the multitude of roles that this learning subscription pertains to, the topics included, and the skills you can hope to achieve. Covering more than 450+ hours of training, the Oracle IT Infrastructure Learning Subscription was developed for customers who keep their business-critical applications on premises and need training that supports their business needs.

Learn how to optimize your Exadata Database and SPARC systems, monitor your systems, implement best practices needed for storage, discover virtualization features available to you, implement your operating systems, and so much more.

At Oracle, we know that knowledge is the foundation for growth and innovation. The content within this learning subscription can help you access product information that will help you make informed decisions for management, determine which improvements need to be made, provide important analytics to determine business goals, encourage accountability, and yield positive results. The insight the online tutorials provide presents a huge opportunity for business growth and improvement as well as skills development and reference materials to critical product information– but only if you have the infrastructure that properly captures and processes it.

Customers can utilize this on-demand training solution to get help with everyday administration tasks and other complex projects by leveraging the learning platform’s dynamic search functionality to find available tutorials. Get started learning about the capabilities included with your software investments by previewing what’s included within this subscription. Everyone who owns an Oracle product would benefit by enrolling in this subscription and accessing this information. Learning modules will continue to grow as we add more content as our products develop over time.

Oracle IT Infrastructure Certifications empower you to demonstrate your knowledge retention and validate your expertise among your peers and employers. This IT Infrastructure facilitated learning subscription gives you a chance to take each of the following exams one time, directly from the learning subscription. Get Oracle Certified to advance your career.

Includes one attempt at each of the following Oracle Certification exams:

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials | 1Z0-338
  • SPARC M6-32 and SPARC M5-32 Servers Installation Essentials |1Z0-489
  • SPARC T4-Based Server Installation Essentials | 1Z0-597
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance 2017 Implementation Essentials |1Z0-499
  • Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration | 1Z0-821
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration |1Z0-822
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Installation and Configuration Essentials |1Z0-580
  • Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator |1Z0-820
  • Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administration |1Z0-100
  • Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration |1Z0-105

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