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Veritas Resiliency Platform 3.1: Administration

The Veritas Resiliency Platform 3.1: Administration course is intended for the IT professional tasked with designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) in multiple Enterprise Data Centers and multi-cloud environments. This course covers deployment and implementation of Veritas Resiliency Platform. You learn about creating and deploying all Veritas Resiliency Platform components. You also learn how to integrate Veritas Resiliency Platform with NetBackup as well as how to use AWS, vCloud, and Azure as Veritas Resiliency Platform disaster recovery targets.

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Pro koho je kurz určen

This course is for UNIX/Linux system architects, system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, network/SAN administrators, and systems integration/development staff who will be designing, installing, operating, and/or integrating Veritas Resiliency Platform.

Co Vás naučíme

By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Deploy Veritas Resiliency Platform.
  • Create and configure Infrastructure Management Servers (IMS), Resiliency Managers (RM), Resiliency Domains, and Resiliency Groups (RG).
  • Use a YUM repository to perform updates.
  • Configure authentication domains, users, and groups.
  • Activate, manage, and apply service objectives.
  • Deploy Data Mover gateways.
  • Integrate NetBackup in Veritas Resiliency Platform.
  • Configure and restore virtual machines (VM)s from NetBackup generated backup images.
  • Configure replication of Hyper-V and VMware VMs.
  • Perform disaster recovery of VMs and applications.
  • Perform rehearsals to test disaster recovery.
  • Configure and manage Virtual Business Services (VBS).
  • Configure and manage a resiliency plan.
  • Use AWS, vCloud, and Azure as disaster recovery targets.
  • Perform troubleshooting tasks using logs and tools

Požadované vstupní znalosti

You must have working knowledge of data center operations, storage replication technologies, disaster recovery operations, virtualization technologies, and Linux and Windows operating systems.

Studijní materiály

Veritas authorized e-book included. Labs access for 6 month.

Osnova kurzu

Read the entire course outline for more details.

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