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Veritas APTARE IT Analytics 10.3: Administration

Acquire the skills to gain unified insights for multi-vendor backup, storage, and virtual infrastructure in heterogeneous IT environments with the Veritas APTARE IT Analytics 10.3: Administration course. You will learn the general principles, deployment, configuration, and management of APTARE IT Analytics, how to best utilize it for comprehensive IT analytics, and to deliver actionable insights through a singlepane-of-glass across on-premises, hybrid, and multi cloud environments.

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Pro koho je kurz určen

This course is intended for technical professionals responsible for the design, configuration, operation, monitoring, and support of APTARE IT Analytics.

Co Vás naučíme

  • Describe the functionality of APTARE IT Analytics and how it works in Cloud and On-premise environments.
  • Describe the license structure for the Data Protection and the Storage Management suite.
  • Install the Portal on a Windows and Linux server.
  • Install and work with APTARE IT Analytics Data Collectors.
  • Manage and monitor Hosts, Backup Servers, and Host Groups.
  • Collect data for Capacity and the Cloud.
  • Collect data for Backup and Virtualization.
  • Create different types of reports and report templates, manage, schedule and organize reports.
  • Work with and manage Alert policies.
  • Manage and monitor APTARE IT Analytics.
  • Provide an overview of the Storage Optimization solution and Risk Mitigation solution.
  • Create a Dynamic Template using the Dynamic Template Designer.
  • Describe the functionality and use of the SQL Template Designer.

Požadované vstupní znalosti

Students should be familiar with network, backup, storage, cloud (on-premises, hybrid, and multi cloud environments), and database concepts. Administration and configuration of Windows or Linux operating systems is required. Knowledge of IT Analytics is not required, but preferred.

Studijní materiály

Veritas authorized e-book included. Students will now get 6 months access to the labs after completing the class.

Osnova kurzu

Read the entire course outline for more details.

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