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What’s New in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server_12

This course gives students the opportunity to learn about the major changes and new technologies in SLES 12. The course is a mixture of lecture and hands on sessions to allow students to learn about and experience the new and enhanced features in SLE12.

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Key Objectives

Students will learn about the key new features in SLES 12 and gain hands on experience.

Audience Summary

This course is for SLES Administrators with a good knowledge of SLES 11 who want early access to learn about the new features of SLES 12.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Whats new in SLE 12 Overview
  3. SLES 12 Installation
  4. Introducing systemd
  5. Logging with rsyslog
  6. Wicked – Network Management as a service
  7. Filesystems – BTRFS and system rollback
  8. SUSE Customer Centre and SMT
  9. Advanced Systems Management – Technical Preview
  10. SLED 12 and Workstation Edition Module

Course Prerequisites

Familiarity with SLES 11 and basic Linux administration.

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