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Administrace SSSD v SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Tento dvoudenní kurz se zabývá linuxovým autentizačním systémem SSSD na platformě SLES 12.

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9.5.2018 2 350,00 EUR v ceně kurzu Slovenský jazyk GOPAS Bratislava
10.12.2018 2 350,00 EUR v ceně kurzu Slovenský jazyk GOPAS Bratislava

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Bratislava2 350,00 EUR v ceně kurzu 0

This new 2 day course covers  covers the System Security Service Daemon (SSSD) as deployed on the SLES 12 platform. The SSSD, designed for and available for nearly all Linux distributions, is fast becoming the Linux server authentication framework of choice. Comprehensive documentation and technical instruction on the concepts, use cases and deployment techniques for system administrators is still difficult to obtain. This course attempts to do just that.

Audience Summary

The course is ideal for system administrators and consultants who need to:

  • Better understand the use case of the SSSD and it’s features
  • Deploy new systems using the SSSD
  • Migrate from legacy PAM LDAP or PAM LDAP/Kerberos configurations
  • More tightly integrate Linux systems into Active Directory environments
  • Assess environment design choices, SSSD best practices and administration
Administering SSSD on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

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