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Developing A Modern Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence (BI) systems are the heart of any company’s analytical capability. This course introduces the delegate to all the necessary terminology, architectures, approaches, skills, techniques, and infrastructure necessary to design and implement a successful BI system. The course focuses on the generic skills that are necessary to create an effective BI system and will teach you the skills that underpin good BI development no matter which software platform you use. A BI system has the potential to revolutionise your business. It can turn the mass of data that sits in your operational systems (Finance, HR, Sales etc.) into high quality, well-defined information. This information allows you to move from a ‘gut-feel’ approach of decision making to a proper, evidence-based approach. A well-designed BI system collects the appropriate data from your operational systems and move it into a data warehouse. There it is restructured and organised for analytical purposes and often deployed to data marts. The approach, methodology and design techniques required to build a BI system differ significantly from those required to build operational systems and include ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), dimensional modelling and OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing). Target Audience This course is made up of a mix of theory and vendor-neutral practicals that allow delegates to apply the principles they have learnt. It is ideal for developers, software engineers, database administrators, data analysts, system analysts or application designers who will be involved in designing, building or maintaining a BI system. Please note delegates who have previously attended CSWARDE2 - Effective Data Warehouse Construction should not attend this course.

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At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Make a business case, assemble a project team, and lay the infrastructure necessary for the BI system construction to begin
  • Design, implement, utilise, maintain, and administer the BI system
  • Understand dimensional modelling
  • Talk to users and create a logical model from their analytical requirements
  • Turn those logical models into a star schema
  • Extract data from one or more operational systems
  • Transform, condition, and cleanse the data
  • Load the data into the data warehouse using a variety of mechanisms
  • Query, drill-down, and report the data
  • Understand the role of technologies such as OLAP and data mining
  • Assess your organisation's readiness to embark on a BI project

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