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Manage Citrix Endpoint Management

Students will explore how to manage Citrix Endpoint Management in this three day course. Venture into the cloud as students learn to manage devices, apps, and users. Students will learn how the architecture, management, and communication flow function with Citrix Endpoint Management Service and how they can fit their organization’s needs. You will learn how to administer their Citrix Endpoint Management environment and how to support your end users, as well as working with applications and securing a variety of endpoints. Versions covered This course is currently on the latest version of Citrix Endpoint Management Is this course for me? Built for IT Professionals interested in learning how to manage Citrix Endpoint Management on-premises or cloud environments using leading practices. Potential students include Administrators and Implementers

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to manage a Citrix Endpoint Management implementation in a On-premises or cloud environment
  • How to perform common enterprise mobility management tasks and mobile application management
  • Understand the device enrollment process
  • How to perform monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting on a Citrix Endpoint Management Enterprise solution

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