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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Level 1 (online)

You want to create and maintain web pages for your website. The fundamental elements of a web page are HTML, XHTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. These technologies take some time to master. In this course, you will use Adobe Dreamweaver to create web pages while focusing on the content, styling, and design. As you construct the web pages, Dreamweaver will competently create the XHTML, CSS and JavaScript required. You will also maintain and administer your website with Dreamweaver's site and page management tools. The website and pages you create will reflect your content and design and will be professionally accurate for your site visitors. Target Audience: This course is designed for novice web designers, web developers, website designers, and graphic artists with some programming background who need to build simple websites and want to utilise the features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. The course covers the Adobe Web Communication using Dreamweaver CS6 objectives and can be used to help prepare students to take the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam.

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At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify basic web design concepts and customise the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 interface
  • Build a website
  • Design web pages
  • Create reusable site assets
  • Work with different types of links
  • Upload a website

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