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Oracle Security Learning Subscription

Protecting corporate information and technology assets from intruders, thieves, and vandals is a significant challenge for most enterprises. Historically, investments in security technology were made by individual technology managers and business units in response to the specific threats they faced. CIOs are now implementing technologies that can support the centralized management and enforcement of security policy.

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Who is the course for

  • CIOs/CSO’s
  • IT Management
  • IT Staff
  • Security Professionals

What we teach you

  • Understand Security and Risk fundamental principles
  • Collect, handle and protect asset information through its lifecycle
  • Build information systems and related architecture to protect from threats
  • Implement security measures to maintain information integrity
  • Provision and provide secure access to identities across systems
  • Mitigate risk by testing and evaluation of information assets and associated infrastructure using various tools
  • Apply security concepts and best practices to the operation of enterprise computing systems
  • Learn to secure development software environments through application of security concepts and best practices at time of production

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