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Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics – Security, Management, and Optimization

Školení je vedeno v anglickém jazyce zahraničním lektorem. - This course is designed for students with previous experience NetScaler experience, and best suited for individuals who will be deploying and/or managing Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFirewall) to secure application access in a Citrix NetScaler environment, as well as NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) to administer a Citrix NetScaler environment or optimize NetScaler-managed application delivery traffic. Students will learn the skills required to deploy and manage AppFirewall including types of web attacks, protections and signatures, the adaptive learning engine, AppFirewall policies and profiles, troubleshooting, and additional pertinent NetScaler security features. Students will learn the skills required for deploying and utilizing the NetScaler Management and Analytics System including the ability to manage multiple NetScaler platforms centrally, orchestrate configuration changes, report on transactions passing through the NetScaler environment, visualize infrastructure, and plan expansions. Students will also learn how to implement features including Caching, Frontend Optimization, NetScaler Web logging, and TCP/HTTP optimization to optimize traffic managed by a NetScaler environment. At the end of the course, students will be able to configure NetScaler environments to address application services security requirements with AppFirewall, as well as automate and manage network services for scale-out application architectures with Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics System and optimize NetScaler managed application delivery traffic.

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Pro koho je kurz určen

  • Administrators
  • Implementers / Engineers
  • Architects

Co Vás naučíme

Identify common web attacks and vulnerabilities
• Write PERL compatible regular expressions
• Understand how to utilize the adaptive learning engine
• Configure AppFirewall to protect web applications
• Utilize NetScaler Secure Insight to Monitor, Manage and report on Application Services security
• Troubleshoot AppFirewall

Manage multiple NetScaler platforms centrally
• Orchestrate configuration changes
• Report on transactions passing through the NetScaler environment
• Visualize infrastructure and plan expansion

Studijní materiály

Studijní materiál Citrix

Osnova kurzu

Days 1-3
Application Firewall Overview

• AppFirewall solution Security Model (include signature)
• Overview of types of attacks
• Adaptive Learning Engine
• Packet Processing and Inspection
• Log Files – view violations

Policies and Profiles

• Profiles
• Policies
• Engine Settings

Regular Expressions

• Forms of Regular Expressions
• Using Regular Expressions
• Metacharacters and Literal Characters
• Escapes
• Quantifiers
• Back Referencing
• Lookaheads
• Regular Expression Scope

Attacks and Protections

• Data Flow with AppFirewall
• Security Checks
• AppFirewall Actions
• Adaptive Learning
• Signatures
• Code Quality (HTML Comment Striping)
• Buffer Overflow
• SQL injection
• Cross-Site Scripting
• Cookie Tampering
• Cookie Protection
• Parameter Tampering
• Server Misconfiguration
• Form Protections
• Identity Theft - CC – Safe Object
• URL Protections – Start URL and Deny URL

Application Firewall Troubleshooting and Monitoring

• Security Insight
• HTTP Callout
• Rate-Limit
• AppQOE
• IP Reputation

Days 4-5

• NetScaler MAS Introduction and Configuration
• Using NetScaler MAS to Manage and Monitor NetScalers
• Using NetScaler MAS to Manage NetScaler configurations

MAS analytics


• Caching
• Frontend Optimization
• TCP/HTTP optimization

NetScaler Web Logging

• Caching
• Frontend Optimization
• TCP/HTTP optimization

NetScaler Web Logging

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