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The Test Manager’s Essential Toolkit Workshop

Uncover some of the common problems in test estimation, learn how to solve them, monitor, control and measure the value of testing.

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Pro koho je kurz určen

This 3-day workshop is aimed at Test Manager’s who want to increase their skills in test estimation, test monitoring and control and measuring the value of testing.

Co Vás naučíme

Day 1: Test Estimation
Test Estimation is one of the hardest activities to do well in testing, the main reason is that testing is not an independent activity and often has destabilising dependencies. During this workshop we shall uncover some of the common problems in test estimation, how to overcome them together with 8 ways we can estimate test effort.

Test Estimation Workshop Abstract

Day 2: Test Monitoring and Control
Gathering and presenting clear information about quality—both product and process— may be the most important part of the test manager’s job. Join Lloyd Roden as he challenges your current progress reports—probably full of lots of difficult-to-understand numbers—and asks you to replace the reports with a custom Test Manager’s Dashboard containing a series of graphs and charts with clear visual displays.

Test Managers Dashboard Workshop Abstract

Day 3: Measuring the value of testing
The cost of quality is often expressed as the following:
The cost of quality – the cost of good quality + the cost of bad quality.
Lloyd Roden explains how to measure the cost of good quality and the cost of bad quality to see whether testing provides a good Return On Investment.

Quantifying the Value of Testing Abstract

To get the most from the workshop, it is recommended to attend all 3 days, however it is very flexible allowing you to attend all 3 days or individual days as the topics are separate standalone modules.


Lloyd Roden, Lloyd Roden Consultancy
Lloyd new photo With more than thirty years in the software industry, I have worked as a Developer, Test Analyst and Test Manager for a variety of different organisations. From 1999 to 2011 I worked as a consultant/partner within Grove Consultants. In 2011 I set up Lloyd Roden Consultancy, an independent training and consultancy company specialising in software testing.

My passion is to enthuse, excite and inspire people in the area of software testing and I have enjoyed opportunities to speak at various conferences throughout the world including STAREAST, STARWEST, EuroSTAR, AsiaSTAR, Belgium Testing Days and Better Software as well as Special Interest Groups in software testing in several countries.


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